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The incorporation of new information technologies applied to training is a fact that breaks new ground in education, both at the level of formal education and continuing training.The progressive incorporation of computers in the classroom as learning tools is changing the classical school.

Studying online is a different way of understanding the teaching-learning process. The traditional-to-face teaching is based on the teacher, he is controlling the process. Online education is no longer spoken of teaching but learning. The student becomes the protagonist of his own training, responsible for their own learning. In continuing education within the business, is where the new technologies of training are expanding more rapidly, because of the enormous proven.

The future of education in business is marked by the use of self-learning materials and Online Degree over the Internet.This type of training is usually based on extensive analysis of case studies.

Advantages of learning via the Internet:

The scheduling flexibility provided by the student.

The rapprochement between student and   teacher in distance learning    through email, chat, video conferencing, tutorials.

The possibility of working in teams, sometimes with members so    geographically distant that otherwise could not work    together.

The collaboration between teachers from different educational institutions.

Immediate access to information through the network ensures that    the contents of the programs are constantly    updated.

The course material delivery is faster and reduces their costs, and    no printing is required.

The materials are not restricted exclusively to text, but    there is a greater variety of media to enrich the contents of  the masters and allows for greater interactivity by doing

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